Sand Blasting

Sandblasting, a powerful and modern technique

What is sandblasting?

Sandblasting typically involves the use of a high-pressure air compressor as the machine tackles abrasive particles. The process is referred to as sandblasting as a machine works to blasts the designated surface with sand. Each sandblasting clean can be customised to your needs, no matter the requirement. 

Why use sandblasting?

Eco Cleaning provides the latest technology in sandblasting, a quick and safe process widely used for a variety of purposes. Sandblasting is often utilised to eliminate substances that are difficult to remove from metal surfaces including rust, durable paint, hard coatings, and protective film. The process is great for industrial equipment 

An effective solution

Sandblasting is extremely effective at removing harsh substances such as rust and debris from metals and wood. This technique offers an enhanced solution compared to other processes such as manual sanding or chemical strippers. If you are looking for a rapid solution that delivers outstanding results, consider sandblasting cleaning, renovation, and maintenance of your offshore structures. 

Eco-Friendly Abrasive Blasting Solutions

Eco Clean is experienced leader in the latest environmentally friendly abrasive blasting services and building restoration across Melbourne, Geelong, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.