Sub-sea Blasting

Sub-sea Blasting

Sub-sea blasting, the solution to your underwater needs

What is sub-sea blasting?

Sub-sea blasting is an innovative process that works to remove any unwanted matter from underwater structures, including marine growth, paint, and corrosion. Our low-pressure system means we can complete the blasting service safely. 

A safe clean

Eco Clean provides a highly safe sub-sea blasting process for underwater surfaces and structures. Our techniques are effective at removing any contaminants without causing harmful damage to the structure. You can trust Eco Clean to complete the job safely each time. 

An effective solution

Sandblasting is extremely effective at removing harsh substances such as rust and debris from metals and wood. This technique offers an enhanced solution compared to other processes such as manual sanding or chemical strippers. If you are looking for a rapid solution that delivers outstanding results, consider sandblasting cleaning, renovation, and maintenance of your offshore structures. 

Eco-Friendly Abrasive Blasting Solutions

Eco Clean is experienced leader in the latest environmentally friendly abrasive blasting services and building restoration across Melbourne, Geelong, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.